Listening to the Book of Job

Today I was listening to the Bible online.  I haven’t listened to this version for a while, and wanted to share it with you and also to encourage you to listen today (August 21st) if you are going through a time of testing of your faith.

This is The One Year Audio Bible (New Living Translation) read by Tom Dooley.  To listen, you can click here:

or click on the MP3 player widget over in the left hand column of the blog.

Listening today reminded me about the narrator, Tom Dooley.  The day after I became a Christian, I also started a brand new job.   As I was driving to work that day I first heard ‘The Journey,’ Tom Dooley’s radio program.  It was a wonderful way to be introduced to Christian music and get guidance as a new follower of Jesus.   Tom passed away almost two years ago, so hearing his voice is a reminder of 1) how short this life is, 2) how the work we do for God lives on even after we’re gone, and 3) how we have the hope of eternal life in heaven.

You can read a little about his ministry here.

So, back to the Book of Job!   In the intro he mentions some helpful things to remember in times when our faith is tested.

  • Jesus is our ‘defending advocate in heaven’
  • Satan ‘cannot foresee the future as God can’
  • our faith in God and personal integrity provide hope and encouragement in suffering

I hope this provides encouragement to you today.

4 thoughts on “Listening to the Book of Job

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the video-very powerful.

  3. karenworth says:

    Awesome! Good points at the end to store in my heart! Thanks!

  4. Hey, thanks for visiting! Like you said, all glory goes to God.

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