Well said…great scriptures for difficult times.

McSellers Thought Of The Day

As I watch the news and hear of all the things that are going on in Oklahoma my heart hurts. Oklahoma has become apart of me and I have become attached. The reason for that is because myself and twelve members of my amazing church, left Sunday May 26th with 5 vehicles. Including two twenty four foot budget trucks filled with supplies driving 26 hours straight to drop off for relief and to pray with those who were affected. We all were touched by those we encountered and the stories we heard. We left there Wednesday morning after dropping off supplies only to hear about the devastation that took place last night.

As I began to pray God reminded me that he is a comforter and that he cares for Oklahoma and us even during our worse moments. Here is God reminder to all of us.
1-Peter 5:6-7- Humble yourselves…

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