Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This was a great idea for a challenge.  I had been thinking of writing a post about thankfulness since we just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US.  Last Thursday after Thanksgiving dinner with friends, we were sitting around the table with their kids and one of the kids actually suggested we each write down what we were thankful for.  Pretty impressive coming from an 8-year-old don’t you think?  I realized I have so many things to be thankful for.

Above all, I’m thankful for Jesus and for the cross.  If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be here!  I wanted to take a picture of a big cross somewhere…but that will have to wait.   However, I like this photo because it brings to mind other things I’m thankful for; God’s word, the freedom we have to own a Bible and speak freely (including blogging of course:-)) and this amazing time in which we live, when we can read the Bible online, in many different versions and languages.

I’m thankful for my wonderful and patient husband, growing up in a loving family, good friends, a comfortable home.  Clean fresh water, food and medicine, the opportunity to interact with people from many places and cultures, the city in which we live.  My husband’s work which allows us the opportunity to travel more than we otherwise could.  I could go on and on…

This photo was taken near my home.  The trees don’t always change colors so well here, but this year has been beautiful.   I love the change of seasons and am always thankful when summer is over in Texas and the cooler weather has arrived, so this photo seems to sum that up!

Photo of trees along street

Now it’s your turn to write your list.  What are you thankful for?